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Welcome to Kai Chase’s New American Cuisine & Healthy Lifestyle…. Kai brings her style of New American cuisine to the forefront by combining healthy, comforting foods with exotic twists and simple techniques. Her approach to America’s melting pot of contemporary cooking, are influenced by her native California upbringing combined with roots of International and ethnic flare.
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15 Jul Summer Days Are For Soirees!

Summer days are for soirees in so many ways!  As a caterer and private chef to the stars for more than a decade now, I’ve learned that keeping party making simple, sexy and distinctly creative is the key that kept my clients coming back for more.  So get your creative juices flowing and become more than just the hostess with the mostest when planning your next gathering with friends.  From table design, to mixing the perfect summer libation and centerpiece creation, keep it simple, colorful and most of all have fun while doing it.  Below are a few of my casual outdoor catering tips for having a summer soiree that’s sure to be memorable everytime.
Summer Soiree Cocktails

Alcoholic summer recreational drink
Cocktails – A luscious blend of natural organic juices such as cranberry, pomegranite and fresh fruit purees are wonderful when making martini’s, margaritas and mojitos.  Mix with vodka, tequila or rum, an infused simple syrup, agave, ice, lime and mint garnish.  Float a seltzer water or sparkling citrus soda atop of the cocktail for a fizz sensation.  Small cocktail glasses are great for leisure sipping and allows your guests to lounge, converse and enjoy in the soiree you’ve created.  Remember to always make your beverages colorful and festive.  Color and style catch the eye and presentation is everything.  Your guests will “toast” to you and your party.

 Floral Napkin Holders
Table Cutlery – The beauty and scent of fresh cut flowers is always a sight to see on any table arrangement, but the everlasting floral bloom of flowers is short lived when they begin to fade. So I like to purchase beautiful and colorful floral napkin rings that way I can interchange all year long.  They bring out the true spirit of summer and look radiantly beautiful when adding to any outdoor table arrangement.
Flowers in Pipin Green Apple Vases
Centerpieces – When decorating an outdoor dining table incorporate floral centerpieces with fresh fruit used as vases or opt for fresh herbs such as watercress and place them in watered glass vases for a more relaxed and casual feel to your overall dining soiree experience.  After your soiree place the centerpieces in small wooden boxes tied with raffi and give them to your guests as take-home gifts.  They will appreciate a piece of the party as a parting “keep sake.”
Heirloom Tomato, Avocado and Boccancini Mozzarella Pesto Skewers
Grilled Halibut Skewers with Tomatillo and Maui Onion Relish
Skewers – I am a favorite of all foods that I can “Nibble” on. Small portions and small bites that are packed with full flavor has always been my philosophy when creating my extraordinary soiree menus for celebrity clients across the globe. So when creating your summer festive soiree menu incorporate cold items that are light, cool and refreshing and a few hot items right off the grill to have a filling, yet satisfying mix of tastes and textures in one simple “Nibble.”
Celebrity Chef Kai Chase’s signature “Rock-A-Mole”
Skinny Dipping – During the summer we all want to look our best and show it off!  So when creating a dish and showing off “it’s” true flavor I believe in the concept that “less is more.”  Add a veggie dip to your summer soiree menu that’s full of flavor and healthy for you to eat.  My signature “Rock-A-Mole” is just the perfect accompaniment and celebrity dish for any summer soiree menu.
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Celebrity Chef Kai Chase
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