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Welcome to Kai Chase’s New American Cuisine & Healthy Lifestyle…. Kai brings her style of New American cuisine to the forefront by combining healthy, comforting foods with exotic twists and simple techniques. Her approach to America’s melting pot of contemporary cooking, are influenced by her native California upbringing combined with roots of International and ethnic flare.
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08 Aug The Power of Juicing

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“Sweet and savory juices have a natural and satisfying effect on our bodies. Countless variations and combinations have been created using organic, farm fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that provided powerful assistance to the healing, well-being and day to day performance of our bodies. The lovely combination of organic carrots and juicy oranges is a refreshing combination full of beta-carotene, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and many minerals. Combined with organic fresh juiced OJ – (an excellent choice of Vitamin C and potassium) and you’ve got yourself a refreshing blend to be consumed not only in the morning, but around the clock.

Yes, I know organic juicing can be time consuming, but the benefit is so worth the extra effort when taking care of YOU is priority one!  Just a few minutes out of your day to treat yourself to Mother Nature’s organic harvest in a glass is a treat that will surely become a blissful and easy routine.  In no time you’ll soon find yourself scanning your refrigerator for any and all juice-able items with which to create your own rich natural blend.”

Inspired by my former boss and friend Michael Jackson (while getting ready for the “This Is It”) tour, I created many invigorating, natural juices, but the organic carrot-orange was one of his “anytime” favorite “super-health-comforting” blends.  And now 3 years later his lovely daughter Paris Jackson still remembers and is following his lead, keeping with the healthy spirit of the power of juicing and healthy eating.

Organic Carrot-Orange Juice
  • 10 organic carrots, ends cut off
  • 4 juicing oranges, skin cut off, seeded and quartered



In a large mixing bowl gather the ingredients and take to the power juicer.  Have a small mixing bowl ready to gather the juice and a strainer.  Turn on the juicer and place the fruit and vegetable through until all are juiced.  Place the carrot-orange juice through a strainer (small batches at a time) with a small mixing bowl underneath to catch the juice.  Strain and pour into a carafe.  Refrigerate and enjoy.  You can add ice to a glass and pour the juice over if desired.

(Taken from the upcoming cookbook “Fit For A King” Recipes Inspired By My Journey as the Personal Chef to Michael Jackson, 2009-2012).

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Celebrity Chef Kai Chase
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